100 Days – English Learning – Day 6-10


Day 6

  • My boss is irritable and short-tempered person. He always getting on people nerves (khó chịu- nóng tính-làm người khác căng thẳng)
  • Miss a chance/opportunity/ the boat: lỡ mất cơ hội
  • I felt nervous in the exam. However, I decided to pull myself together and focus the test (lấy lại tinh thần)
  • We had an appointment at 9:00 am but he stood me up (cho leo cây)
  • Women need to be up-front about what they want (thẳng thắng)

Day 7

  • What can we do to keep stress at bay ( tránh được cái gì)
  • I am in no position to judge ( tôi ko có điều kiện/ vị thế để làm gì)
  • Wind down ~ unwind ~ relax
  • You can’t be in good shape if you keep eating to much (tình trang sức khỏe tốt) # feeling under the weather (ko khỏe)
  • I should get rolling on that assignment (bắt đầu)

Day 8

  • They decided to tie the knot after dating 2 weeks (kết hôn)
  • I have to roll with the punches (thích nghi với nghịch cảnh)
    adapt oneself to adverse circumstances.
  • frugality is necessary in time of Coivd pandemic (tiết kiệm)
  • My mother want me to enter that university. The decision is out of my hands (ngoài tầm kiểm soát)
  • The kids really screwed up my vacation (phá hỏng)

Day 9

  • As soon as I finished my work, I went out (ngay sau khi)
  • You can borrow the car as long as/so long as you don’t drive too fast ( miễn là)
  • I enjoy English as well as China (cũng như) ~ not only +adj+ but also + adj
  • As far as I know/ I can see ( theo như tôi biết/ tôi có thể thấy)
  • We are going to have a baby. We should gear ourselves up for that (chuẩn bị cho việc gì đó)

Day 10

  • I often sleep in at weekend (ngủ nướng) (oversleep: ngủ quên)
  • I eat what I crave (thèm)
  • No matter how busy you are, carve out time to spend with your family (dù cho thế nào – giành thời gian)
  • Don’t do anything rash regret it afterward ( làm gì đó vội vàng)
  • I spent much time on my phone. It was over the top (qua mức giới hạn)

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