100 Days – English Learning – Day 1-5


Day 1 (11/11/2020)

  • We should make the most of our time in this world (tận dụng)
  • My daughter is going on a field trip with her class next week (tham quan)
  • Everything you do has a consequence. Afterall, you reap what you sow (gieo nhân nào gặt quả ấy)
  • It is good to be careful. Better safe than sorry (cẩn thận tốt hơn)
  • I am an IT engineer by trade ( làm nghề gì đó để kiếm sống)

Day 2 (12/11/2020)

  • Are you a go-getter or quitter (làm đến cùng)
  • Don’t let what he said get under your skin (gây khó chịu ~ annoy)
  • They’re edging me out! (cho ra rìa)
  • Don’t turn a blind eye to child abuse (làm ngơ)
  • I didn’t want to eat that candy but he twisted my arm ( ép buộc, năn nỉ)

Day 3 (13/11/2020)

  • If you find it hard to speak English well, you are in good company (trạng thái có nhiều người giống vậy)
  • Doctors and nurses put their lives on the line to save people ( đặt vào tình thế nguy hiểm)
  • Thinking too much about your weight is counterproductive (phản tác dụng)
  • I get fidgety when my phone is not within reach (bồn chồn, nervous)
  • I binge on TV shows and spend hours watching them every day ( rất thích)

Day 4 (14/11/2020)

  • I don’t feel up to writing today (có ứng thú làm việc gì đó)
  • I don’t think I can talk to him. We are not on the same page (cùng quan điểm)
  • I didn’t mean to hurt her. It just a slip of the tongue ( nói lỡ lời)
  • I cann’t find my pen so I make do with my pencil (dùng tạm)
  • Pull an all – nighter= stay up all night (thức trắng đêm)

Day 5 (15/11/2020)

  • A lot of people suffer from cabin fever after the lockdown (phát sốt vì giam mình trong nhà ~ khó chịu, cuồng chân)
  • I started getting itchy feet after a few months staying at home (cuồng chân)
  • There are a very short window for containing the virus this time ( ít thời gian để kiểm soát)
  • I slept over at my friend’s last night ( ngủ nhà người khác)
  • I was late because I overslept (ngủ quên)

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