Ethereum introduction

Ethereum is open source platform for decentralized application or distributed application (Dapp), in detail

Ethereum network is peer-to-peer network or decentralized network. Ethereum network is defined in detail in yellow paper  ( and white paper (

Ethereum network has 3 different elements:

Bootnodes:  help ethereum clients to find their peers. The address of a bootnode is called enode.

Nodes: all nodes in Ethereum network, but it does not participate in the consensus mechanism

Mining Nodes: to valid transaction and create new block

Ethereum Virtual Machine: this is a compiler and run smart contract

Ethereum clients: currently, there are 2 popular Ethereum clients: Geth written in Go and Parity written in Rust

Ether is one kind of cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Ether is used to pay for transaction fees and exchange in cryptocurrency market (

Consensus algorithm: Currently, public Ethereum use Proof of Work (PoW) and having a plan to change to Proof of State (PoS), Private Ethereum use Proof of Authority (PoA)

Solidity is a language programing for smart contract of Ethereum

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