Ethereum blockchain tutorial – syllabus

BIASTEK have a plan to training ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN with the blow contents:

Chapter 1: Fundamental Ethereum Blockchain

  1. Introduction Ethereum
  2. Public key, private key and address
  3. Ethereum account
  4. Transaction
  5. Consensus Agorithm
  6. Smart contract
  7. Protocal and APIs

Chapter 2: Practical Etherum Blockchain

  1. Install Private Ethereum Blockchain
  2. Install Pirvate Ethereum Blockchain with docker
  3. Using Metamask wallet
  4. Install Blockchain explorer
  5. Solidity in use
  6. Write simple smart contract
  7. Deploy smart contract in Remix
  8. Deploy smart contract in Truffle

Chapter 3: Decentralized application– Distributed application (Dapp)

  1. Voting Dapp
  2. B2B Dapp
  3. Traceability Dapp

Chapter 4: Blockchain testing

  1. Using jMeter tool
  2. Using Gatling tool

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