Blockchain Technology apply for Crypto Fintech Trend

Nowsaday, there many forms to apply blockchain technology for Fintech field. Biastek would like to illustrate the main Crypto Fintech Trends

ICO (Initial Coin Offering): is a way to raise capital to use Token. In 2014 Ethereum called for 3,700 BTC

Airdrop: raising capital by giving free Token. Free giving is how to get capital? For example, a project has 1,000,000 tokens and will give 80% free, which means giving away 800,000 tokens and the development team retains 200,000 tokens. The development team then spent money to go to the stock exchange, but firstly to make sure the number of tokens launched to the market is large enough for people to need transactions. Assuming after listing every token is $ 5, the development team will have 200,000 X 5 $ =1,000,000 $

STO (Sercurity Token Offering): A form of security tokens, transaction tokens with stock certification and ownership management. A popular STO project made Polymath.

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering): Token sold directly on the exchange. The most typical is binance exchange.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance): decentralized finance, meaning money transfers, loans, insurance, etc.) is done on a decentralized network. , Ethereum Defi, EOS Defi

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