Blockchain Developer

deploy contract with openzeppelin and docker
Job Title: Blockchain Developer
Department: Technical
Line Manager:
Job level: Senior staff
Work Location:
Employment status:
Salary: 1000 – 2500 USD

● Work with a team to code, and deploy web, and Web applications using Javascript and other languages.
● Collaborate with stakeholders in analysis
● Oversee planning, production and execution of events hosted within IBL and other affiliates if necessary
● Work with QC to develop automation framework components in order to optimise release cycles
● Work to improve speed, security and scalability of all systems
● Willing to research and learn new technology such as Blockchain, Ethereum, smart contract, solidity

● Strong knowledge of NodeJS, GoLang, Angular 1&2, ReactJS,, restful api, HTML, CSS3 (Flexbox) and responsive design, bootstrap, Javascript, building multiple target platforms applications.
● Have knowledge of data structures and algorithms
● Experience with blockchain technology, specially permissioned blockchain system
● Experiences in Cryptography algorithms: ECDSA, ect.
● Outstanding ability to think creatively, and identify and problem solving
● Attention to detail and the ability to effectively multi-task in a deadline driven atmosphere
● Excellent communication and presentation skills

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